Safety in the Sherwood Forest: A Cautionary Tale

In The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood, Robin advises a young follower, “Tell us thy troubles and speak freely. A flow of words doth ever ease the heart of sorrows; it is like opening the waste where the mill dam is overfull.”

Robin Hood was trying to set an environment where people were free to share their burdens and find peace and safety. Isn’t that something we all want? Being able to share our sorrows not only releases our burdens, it empowers us to feel like we aren’t alone.  We have someone who will enter our pain.

What Is It Like To Let Go?

Letting go of the things we can’t change requires a shift in perspective. We have to see relationships in a new light. Boundaries that were invisible to us before start to become clear. We begin to realize we’ve been trying to control things that really are not our responsibility.

In this process of learning to let go, these wise words have helped me to clarify what it’s like to let go.