Announcement and Update

As we come to the end of the first quarter of 2016, Becky and I want to update you on how things are going at Restore and Rebuild.  We have one big announcement, a number of things we’re grateful for, and some significant prayer requests.

Our Announcement

Becky and I are excited to announce the hiring of Susie Loomis as a “Mentor/ Family Life Educator.”

Susie Loomis, Mentor/ Family Life Educator

Susie Loomis, Mentor/ Family Life Educator

Susie has a Masters in Family Studies from Fuller Seminary and a nursing degree from Baylor.  She has been mentoring couples and women for over ten years. She has developed curriculum for marriages, which she uses at the retreats she leads.  Susie brings a lot of excitement, love, and wisdom to our team. Along with her husband, Steve, she has been actively involved in church ministry for many years.

Susie is a key component as we develop and expand our mentoring ministry. There are many people who may not need counseling, but who could still use input and encouragement from a wise, compassionate professional. They could use a mentor. By hiring Susie, Restore and Rebuild will be able to provide an additional level of care to our community. We are excited to see how God will use Susie and bless this new ministry!


The first quarter of 2016 has been very busy. Our counseling center has been growing rapidly.  We are currently seeing 33 clients with an average of 18 sessions per week. We are grateful to have the opportunity to minister to the local community by providing affordable Christian counseling.

Becky was not only busy with clients, she just completed teaching an 8-week women’s Bible study on the life of Joseph, called “God Redeems.” It was very well-received, and she enjoyed both writing the curriculum and teaching the series.  We are planning to make that material available online in the future.

I have just completed my doctorate program! I graduate this May. My dissertation question was: “When a pastor experiences conflict in the church and subsequently leaves his church, how does it impact his wife?”  I am very grateful for all the pastors’ wives who participated in the study.  Their stories were powerful, and their insights were illuminating. One unexpected area of insight was discerning patterns in the various churches that forced pastors to leave. My department readers encouraged me to write more about these patterns. If you are interested in reading the study, email us and we will send you a copy.

In addition to these events, Becky and I just completed an 8-week small group for couples based on the book Hold Me Tight, by Dr. Sue Johnson. We truly enjoy helping couples strengthen their marriages.  If you or your church are interested in participating in a Hold Me Tight group, please let us know.

Becky and I are continuing to mentor and support pastors and their wives, both locally and remotely. We are grateful for the benefits of today’s technology. It enables us to connect with ministry couples who don’t have the support they need in their immediate community.

Prayer Requests

  • Please pray for Susie Loomis as she transitions onto the team at Restore and Rebuild. She has been in demand as a mentor. Please pray for her wisdom and grace as she seeks to meet those demands and transitions into her new role.
  • We desire to make more resources available online. Please pray for the development of the resources and that we will discern how best to make them available to people.
  • Pray for our counseling center. Our client base is growing. Since we make the counseling affordable (by offering a sliding scale and scholarships as needed), our need for financial support is growing as well. The donations help pay for clients who can’t afford our full fee.
  • If our counseling center continues to grow at this rate, we will need to hire another therapist and/or intern this year. Please pray for wisdom, timing, and the right person.

We want to thank all of you who have been supporting us financially and through prayer. We could not do this without you.


Dave and Becky Friese

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